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A Kim Possible Fanfic

By Brenna “Snakelady” Dawkins

Rating: PG13
Warnings: Drakken/Kim Possible
Spoilers: None
Summary: Drakken in love with Kim? And Kim used to think she had it rough before! The microchip rehabilitation doesn’t seem to go as planned.
Date Of Completion: Nov 14, 2004
Date Of Posting: Feb 15, 2010
Disclaimer: Kim Possible and all subsequent characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney Studios. I have made no money off of this or any of my other fanfics… pity!

Word Count: 2112
Feedback welcome and appreciated.

“We need a ride.” Kim sighed.

“I know someone who would be all too happy to take us anywhere we need to go.” Ron piped up.

Unfortunately, Kim was thinking the same thing. “Fine, I’ll call Dr Drakken.” She glared at a grinning Ron. “He’s not crushing on me, Ron!”

Ron shrugged, “I visit the land of Denial often myself.”

Kim groaned then punched in the number to GJ on the computer. Dr Director appeared, “Hey, Kim, what can we do for you? Haven’t seen you around for a while. Drakken’s been asking after you.”

Ron nudged Kim with his elbow and Kim angrily batted him away. “Can I talk to him, please?”

“Sure thing, Possible.” The familiar face disappeared.

A blue face was suddenly on the screen. It lit up upon seeing Kim. “Kim Possible! This is a pleasant surprise.”

Awkward pause. “Um, yeah, I guess. Look, Drakken, um, can I ask a favor of you?” Weird, weird, weird, was all that was running through Kim’s mind.

Could Drakken’s smile get any wider? Apparently so. “Anything!”

Kim suppressed a groan and instead put on her best game face. “We need a ride.”

“I can drive! I’ll drive you anywhere you want!” There was obvious elation in that proclamation.

“Um, thanks. Can you pick us up at my school? We’ll be out front.”

“Right-e-o! I’m on my way!”

After the screen was shut off, Kim locked up her locker and turned to see Ron grinning from ear to ear at her.

“What?” She demanded.

“Maybe I should sit this one out so you and Drakken can have some alone time.”

“Maybe you better stop while you’re still ahead, Ron.” Kim warned.


Ron’s broad grin shallowed down to a smirk. Rufus ran up to his shoulder to get a better view. Exasperated, Kim led the way back to the rope that they left dangling from an open vent. They scurried through the ducts and found their way back to the roof. Kim used her grappling hook to get them back on terra firma. Their wait on the front lawn wasn’t long. A red sedan pulled up to a stop in the school’s drive.

Ron approached first and knowingly got into the back seat. Rufus jumped down and took up the other side. Both belted in place. Kim glumly looked in through the window, knowing that their plan was for her to be stuck in the passenger seat next to Drakken.

The passenger door opened up thanks to the scientist. He scooted back to his side patiently waiting for Kim to get in. She inwardly sighed and did so.

“So, where are we going?” Drakken asked as he put the car into gear.

“Um, your old lair.”

“I had a lair?” There was genuine surprise.

“Um, yeah, you remember where it is, right?” Kim asked him. “Don’t tell me they wiped that from your mind too?”

She watched the pleasant expression melt away on the scientist’s face.

“What?” She wondered.

“I don’t remember things. Things I know I should.” Drakken said clearly upset by that fact.

She couldn’t blame him. She supposed it would be disconcerting to suddenly not have a past. But it was weird. It was like the microchip was selective in what it had gotten Drakken to forget. He remembered all things scientific, but he couldn’t even remember his own real name. Even though she had no part in the imposing of the implant, she couldn’t help but feel sort of responsible. She hated feeling guilty.

“Look, I’m sorry that they did that to you, I want you to know that I was against it.” Kim told him.

Drakken’s brows were furrowed but he managed a small smile, “Thanks.”

Ron was silent behind her. She didn’t venture a look back. She was too busy feeling sorry for Drakken.

“Just turn here.” She told the man. And through her directions, they arrived at the master criminal’s lair.

They thoroughly walked through the entire place and found it to be empty, except for one room. It looked like a bedroom. Was this Shego’s old bedroom? Kim wondered. They fanned out, each going to a point of interest. Drakken found a picture album sitting on a night desk beside the bed. Sitting down on the bed, he flipped through it.

“It’s me. And, some woman.”

Kim glanced at the photo album.

“That my wife?” Drakken asked as he pointed at the picture.

“Um, no, that’s Shego. You really don’t know, do you?” Kim didn’t know why it was important. She was just so used to Drakken lying about this or the other thing that honesty seemed more of a lie then anything else.

Drakken looked at the picture glumly and shook his head. “I don’t remember anything beyond the past three weeks at GJ. I remember how to build giant robots, but I don’t remember her--- or you.”

Kim gingerly took the album from his hands, closed it, and set it aside. She smiled at him regretfully. Then she gently told him. “We’re here to find Wade, Drakken.”

“Yes, of course.” Drakken stood and walked away from the bed, “I don’t think he’s here. Is there any place else he could be?”

“You had more then one lair. This was just your favorite.”

“Not very secret if you got here so easily.” Drakken said with some disapproval.

Kim wondered who the disapproval was for. “Well, after all the grandstanding you usually did, I don’t think hiding away from the world was a top priority.”

Drakken just looked at her silently and she wondered what was going through his mind.

“Kim, hey Kim look at this!” That from Ron.

Kim rushed to Ron’s side expectantly and he tossed something at her. She blindly caught it without thinking then held the object up. It was a set of silk black boxers with red hearts all over them. She stared at them.

“I don’t think this was Shego’s room.” Ron snickered.

“Ew.” Rufus added his two cents.

“Ron!” Disgusted, Kim tossed Drakken’s underwear back at her friend who was still quietly laughing at her. “Let’s go. We have more important things to worry about.”

Kim could have gone through her entire life happily not knowing if her ex arch foe wore whitey tighties or boxers. Now that image would be permanently burned into her mind. She turned around and there was Drakken. She stared at the scientist disconcertingly, unable to help but wonder what color boxers he was wearing.

“What?” Drakken asked, having missed the previous exchange of his unmentionables.

Kim blushed and quickly stalked out the room, angry at herself for imagining the unimaginable.

“Did I do something wrong?” Drakken asked Ron anxiously.

Ron could only laugh silently at Kim’s expense, unable to answer the perplexed ex villain.

Three lairs later, there still was no Shego and no Wade. Kim was getting really worried. Shego had not tried to contact her as far as she knew. So why did she kidnap Wade? She must have been able to track him with the Kimmunicator. Kim only wished she knew how the green villain had done it--- and why. And Drakken could no longer be of help in that area. He might have been able to figure out the woman’s reasoning if it wasn’t for that blasted microchip! But then if not for that blasted microchip, he wouldn’t be so willing to help her out. She sighed, still feeling torn about the chips pro’s verses con’s.

Drakken was actually rather likeable when he was nice and honest. But, could he be that way by choice? That she didn’t know and wished she could have had the opportunity to find out.

“Why do I have a lair in the middle of the ocean?” Drakken complained as he drove the speedboat through the choppy waves towards his old hangout.

“Something I’ve always wondered.” Ron muttered from his water sprayed spot on the craft.

“Hey, there’s a light on up there!” Kim pointed at the top of the towering lair.

“Great. Henchmen again.” Ron grumbled unenthusiastically.

“I had henchmen?” Drakken asked.

Kim nodded.

“They never hurt you, did they?” He asked fretfully.

Kim had to smile at his worry and patted his shoulder, “No.” But they tried, she added silently. And on your orders. Her smile dissolved and she was inundated with those irritating mixed feelings again. And so have you, you tried to kill me, not once, not twice, but countless times. But here you are, bending over backwards to be nice to me. Do you have it in you to do that minus outside help?

Unfortunately, she doubted she’d ever have the courage to ask Drakken that out loud. There were many things she wanted to ask him, but they would remain unasked. At least for now. There were more important things to worry about, like Wade.

“What if he’s not there?” Ron asked.

Kim bit her bottom lip as Drakken slowed the boat since they neared the dangerous rocky shore. “He’s gotta be, Ron.”

“But what if he’s not?” Ron insisted.

Drakken spoke up, “Then we will keep looking.”

“Thanks, Drakken.” Kim said and meant it.

It was past midnight by the time the boat skidded upon the gravel of the lonely shore. Drakken had cut the engines and they had let the waves bring them in silently the last few meters. They crept up the stony path as quickly and quietly as they could manage.

“You do know where we’re going, right?” Ron asked his best friend hopefully.

Kim shook her head, “I’m just heading towards the light.”

“That’s what you do when you are about to die.” Ron didn’t appreciate the analogy.

“Don’t be such a downer, Ron. We’re going to find Wade and then we’re going to get out of here just fine. ALL of us.” Kim said matter-of-factly but didn’t feel the words she spoke.

“And if he is in there-“ Drakken asked her.

“Then Shego better watch her step because if she’s hurt him in any way!” Kim let the threat hang.

“You would really hurt her back?” Drakken asked uncertainly.

“Yeah, why?” Kim asked.

Drakken shrugged, “I don’t know. Were Shego and I close?”

Kim drew her finger to her lip thoughtfully, “Um, I can’t really say. You two seemed to fight constantly. But then again, you also were sort of loyal to each other.”

“Sort of?” Drakken wondered.

“It’s hard to explain.” Kim said finally. “So why do you ask anyway?”

“I’m just afraid of not knowing her if we were really close.” Drakken admitted.

Kim didn’t know what to say to that. This was just so awkward. Why did she have this strange urge to comfort Drakken? He seemed so uncertain of everything suddenly. If she didn’t know any better, she’d say he was scared.

“Please, don’t hurt her.” Drakken asked.

“Drakken, it’s not something I can promise. I have Wade to consider.” Kim tried to sound reasonable and reached out to the blue man. “He’s my friend.”

“And what am I?” Drakken asked not pulling away from her hand.

“You’re a friend. My friend.” Kim conceded. She let him cover her hand with his as it rested on his arm.

Drakken wished he hadn’t been wearing rubber gloves so he could feel the realness of her hand under his. He felt her inner struggle every time he was beside her. Had he really been that awful in the past? He wasn’t sure he wanted to know just how awful he had been to her to make her mistrust him so.

He wished for a moment alone with her, to talk to her. But that moment was a rare thing he discovered. In fact, seeing her at all of late was a rare thing. Had she been avoiding him? Drakken sincerely hoped not. Why would she do such a thing if she considered him to be a friend? Kim walked off then, and he and Ron followed. Drakken felt confused and hated it.

They entered the lair. It was clear someone was home. They carefully tiptoed into the main chamber. Kim could hear voices speaking. One she recognized as being Shego’s. Finally! She motioned everyone to be quiet and to keep low. They slunk around under what cover they could find, hoping to get past without being seen. The goal was to wander about the inner recesses of the lair in search of Wade.

“Very rude to drop in without calling first, don’t’cha think, Princess?” Shego was suddenly there in their way, hands on hips casually. Then she blinked in surprise. “Drakken?” The young woman took a step forward.

To be continued---

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