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A Kim Possible Fanfic

By Brenna “Snakelady” Dawkins

Rating: PG13
Warnings: Drakken/Kim Possible
Spoilers: None
Summary: Drakken in love with Kim? And Kim used to think she had it rough before! The microchip rehabilitation doesn’t seem to go as planned.
Date Of Completion: Nov 14, 2004
Date Of Posting: Feb 15, 2010
Disclaimer: Kim Possible and all subsequent characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney Studios. I have made no money off of this or any of my other fanfics… pity!

Word Count: 2205
Feedback welcome and appreciated.

Shego glared daggers at the useless Kimmunicator. It was lying on the table in front of her. Her chin rested in between gloved hands, elbows pressed into the table. Unbelievable! Who would have guessed it had a safety lock? She figured there must be some sort of password for it to activate. It could be ANYthing!

Shego growled in frustration. Impossible! What was the point in having the thing if it didn’t work? The woman in green stood and began to pace back and forth before the object, thinking. Of course, she didn’t want to have tea and crumpets with the brat genius on the other end, she just wanted to get TO him and force him to help her. So how could she find out where he was otherwise?

- - - - -

Kim really didn’t want to go back to Global Justice, Drakken’s newest and permanent residence. Granted, he was super nice now and not to mention uber helpful. He and Ron acted like long lost pals. She just couldn’t deal with the man’s feelings for her.

“I’m just blowing everything out of proportion.” Kim was talking to herself in her room as she lay on her bed. “He’s just being the exact opposite of what he had always been. I’m just not used to it and am reading into it all wrong. And Ron, what does he know about it anyway?” She inwardly scoffed and immediately felt better for it. “Maybe I will go to GJ today. Things are kinda sluggish in the evil department now that I don’t have an arch foe.”

Which was a problem. Kim found that she had much more free time on her hands, time that she didn’t know what to do with. Dr Drakken probably had come up with close to fifty percent of all evil plots she had to diffuse. Not anymore. She sighed. Weird that she still sort of missed that. Of course, she had plenty of other villains to occupy herself with. But none of them could ever be considered arch foe material and what was a crime fighter without an arch foe?

“A pretty pathetic one.” She sighed inwardly.

She reached into her bag for her Kimmunicator to call Wade for a ride but it came up empty.

“What?” She stared dumbly at her hand.

Kim shoved her hand back into the bag again and fished around, refusing to feel frantic just yet.

She shook her head, “No way, there’s just no way!”

Real panic started to grip her as she realized that her Kimmunicator just was not in her bag where it had once been. There was no way she could have lost it. After all the things she’d been through, leaping from airplanes, bungee jumping, wrestling with crocodiles, sharks, and other ickies, and she’d never lost it. Ever!

“Okay, relax.” She told herself shakily, “Just relax and think. When did I have it last.” She stopped to think. “Okay, school. Maybe I left it in a locker. Sure. Why not. It could happen.” But it just didn’t sit right with her. Her locker was taken up by the oversized Kimmunicator. “Well, maybe in my gym locker.” Then she stopped with a sudden and awful realization, “Shego. Shego has my Kimmunicator.” Kim leapt up and grabbed up her phone to make a call.

“Y’ello, Ron the All-Stoppable speaking!” Came from the other end.

It was oddly comforting to hear the strange blonde after her newest discovery, “Ron, problem major! Shego got a hold of my Kimmunicator!”

“How’d she manage that? We’d been at school all--- o-o-o-oh! When you fought her at school. Oh, I see.”

“Nice to see you grasping the sitch, Ron. Look, we need to get to school to my locker. That’s my only link to Wade now. We have to find out what Shego’s damage is.”

“Sure thing Kim, but Kim, isn’t the school locked up at this time of day?”

“Hello, we’ve broken into evil lairs, what’s a school to an evil lair?”

“Evil lairs don’t have detention or Mr. Barkin.”

“Point. But schools don’t have lasers and pools full of hungry piranha or a heard of henchmen.”

“Point match. ‘K. I’ll meet you there for operation School Back In Session.”

Kim’s eyebrows furrowed, “Operation what?”

“All plans have special cool code names, Kim. Every good spy knows that!”

“Been watching that James Bond marathon again, Ron?” She rolled her eyes, asking the maker for patience.

“Yup! See ya bye!” Click.

Kim grabbed her bag full of cat burglary stuff and went to school.

- - - - -

Shego had figured out that she didn’t need to have it fully functioning for the Kimmunicator to locate it’s origin. It wasn’t fully shut down, just on standby. She plugged it into one of Drakken’s contraptions. It found a dormant signature and located it’s source. Shego smiled evilly.

“Found you.”

- - - - -

“The last place I’d ever thought I’d be breaking into.” Ron shook his head.

“School’s not that bad, Ron.”

“Come on, ever notice that in a school full of teachers, we only seem to keep getting Mr Barkin?”

“You’re imagining things again. He’s not out to get you.”

“Says you.” Ron said.

They got in and hurried to Kim’s locker. She worked the lock and swung the door open then activated the high tech computer.

“Wade. Wade, gotta talk to you.”

The screen lit up and she stared at an empty chair.

“Potty break?” Ron wondered at the absence.

“Dunno if he ever has to go potty.” Kim said back concerned. “Wade, hel-lo-o-o! You there?”

“Maybe he’s catching a nap?” Ron suggested.

But Kim shook her head, “This is Wade, Ron. He stopped taking naps at age three. Can’t nap while you learn the abacus.”

“Weird. Well then, you come up with where he is.”

Exasperated, Kim raised her hands in a helpless gesture and let them drop, “RON!”

“KP, this is not how operation School Days is supposed to go!”

“U-uh, I thought our plan was called School Back in Session.”

Ron shook his head as Rufus tsked at her from his usual spot in his owners pocket, “Kimmy, Kimmy, never second guess a spy.”

“A-a-a-argh!” Kim groaned through grit teeth. “Look, we have more important things to worry about, Wade’s missing!”

“Man, if only we had the Kimmunicator, we could get in contact with him.”

Kim blankly stared at her friend and decided not to say anything. She put her hand to her forehead, bowed and counted silently to ten while she rubbed her temples.

“Look, maybe, maybe he’s, no, no, I’ll think of something---“ Ron replied.

“Ron, this is serious! We’ve got to go to the police!”

“With what? All they’ll probably do is tell us it’s too early to panic and for us to wait a while until he’s a goner and definitely missing instead of maybe missing.” The boy said reasonably.

Kim bit her bottom lip, “For once, you’ve got a point there Ron. We gotta go first and see for ourselves.”

“Um, dunno about you, Kimmy, but I don’t know where Wade lives, do you?”

Kim paused then glumly shook her head. “No. I don’t. You know what, I don’t think I ever really met Wade in person before. Weird, huh?”

Ron nodded in agreement. “So now what? Find Wade?”

Kim thought then shook her head, “No. Find Shego.”

Shego had to be behind Wade’s disappearance. It’s the only thing that made any sense. Except for--- why? Why would she take Wade? That was what she just didn’t get.

“You think Shego really has Wade?” Ron asked worriedly. Rufus whimpered.


“She wont hurt him, will she?”

Kim could only shrug helplessly, “I don’t know, Ron, I really don’t.”

- - - - -

Wade woke up slowly. What happened? His mind felt all muzzy. Did he pass out at the computer again? His mom had given up on getting him to adhere to a normal persons sleep schedule. He only took several quick naps during a twenty-four hour period, timing each REM cycle to equal to at least four hours and no more then five and a half for the total day. If he had passed out at his computer again, it meant he’d have to add on at least an extra hour of REM and that would just get in the way of all the things he had to do. He thought he had been getting enough sleep, but maybe his body thought otherwise.

He sat up groggily and wiped the tightness from his eyes. He automatically reached his hands to his cheeks, checking for the usual keyboard impressions whenever his slumber attacks hit. To his surprise, there were none. Wade opened his eyes and was further surprised to find he wasn’t even in his own room. Scratch that, his own house.

Tentatively, he looked around him taking stock of his situation. Well, he was in a room. It could be any room anywhere. There wasn’t anything special or outstanding in the room except for him. That itself was a clue.

The problem was, no one knew where he lived. Not even the government had that figured out. He had made certain of that. He relished his personal space. Relished it and protected it. Not even his closest companions knew. So, who DID know and how?

He was glad there were no windows even though a view outside would give him a greater clue to where he was. He was glad he wasn’t conscious when he was ‘out there’ during the kidnapping. The last thing his captor needed to know was any of his weaknesses. How long had it been since he had voluntarily gone outside? Several birthdays ago. Being an agoraphobe was tedious in a culture that insisted on kids having to play outdoors. However, it also was just the thing though for super computer geniuses.

The young boy slid off the couch he had been lying on and stood. There was one door. Well, time to leave out that one door. He took a step then paused, suddenly wary. He turned his head about, checking the rooms features a little closer, trying to see if there were any cameras or traps visible. None that he could detect. So he went for the door. A step away, his outstretched hand went for the knob but it turned on its own. Wade froze in place as the door opened.

He knew the woman in green well.


The young woman grinned unpleasantly from the other side of the doorway. “Yeah. So. I hope you aren’t expecting me to give some long rant as to why you’re here.”

“I’m hoping for the abridged version of the usual rant.” Wade said cautiously.

Shego nodded. “It’s simple. I need your help.”

Wade blinked. “You’re kidding. My help?”

“Okay, yeah, your help. What, do I need to spell it out for you?” She said getting irritated.

Wade was taken aback, “It’s just that, well, red letter day and all.”

“Yeah, you through or you going to pour lemon juice on it?” Shego growled, “I know you know of anything that’s of any importance out there, and if not, you know where to find out about it.”

“What makes you think I’ll help you anyway?” Wade wanted to know.

“’Cause you got no choice. I’ll keep you here until you help me. The sooner you help me, the sooner you can get back to your little reclusive life. Make things difficult and I’ll start getting nasty, like maybe making you room with all of Drakken’s henchmen or something like that. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Actually, it wouldn’t. The last thing he wanted besides going outside was to be in a room full of people. He gave his best poker face, hoping that she’d not see that she had struck a nerve with that threat.

“What sort of help?” Wade asked full of suspicion and rightly so.

Shego sighed. Well, asking for the kids help wasn’t the same as asking for Kim’s help. “It isn’t anything hard. I just need to know where Dr Drakken is.”

Wade considered telling her, but only for a moment. He wasn’t going to help her. It just wasn’t in his programming to help evil doers.

“Well?” Shego demanded hotly.

But Wade shook his head, “Sorry.”

“Fine. You know what, I can shut off the electricity to any room in this place I choose. Let’s see how well you’ll fare for a day without your little computer or any light at all for that matter.” Shego sneered and then slammed the door shut on him, locking it. In moments, Wade’s world was plunged into utter darkness.

Carefully feeling his way slowly back to the couch, the young genius sat back down heavily. His fingers twitched as he thought about not being able to use his computer for however long Shego was going to keep him in those conditions. Another exploitable weakness!

Well, he might as well try to feel out the room and see if there was anything in there he could use to escape, after all, hadn’t he been the inspiration for McGuiever?

To be continued---

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