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A Kim Possible Fanfic

By Brenna “Snakelady” Dawkins

Rating: PG13
Warnings: Drakken/Kim Possible
Spoilers: None
Summary: Drakken in love with Kim? And Kim used to think she had it rough before! The microchip rehabilitation doesn’t seem to go as planned.
Date Of Completion: Nov 14, 2004
Date Of Posting: Feb 15, 2010
Disclaimer: Kim Possible and all subsequent characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney Studios. I have made no money off of this or any of my other fanfics… pity!

Word Count: 2203
Feedback welcome and appreciated.

Shego lounged on the couch in front of the fire reading her latest Criminal Intent magazine. She sipped on some iced tea, taking note of how noisy the ice was as it clinked in the glass. With Drakken around, it never was this quiet, what with his continuous shouts of commands to his henchman and herself. This peace and quiet had lasted for almost three weeks now. At first, she had welcomed the unexpected vacation from her bumbling boss. But after resent and reluctant consideration, she knew that something was wrong. He was never gone for this long without being incarcerated. She already had discovered he had never been officially sentenced. In fact, he seemed to have disappeared altogether after being arraigned. There was no paper trail and the D.A.’s would not be intimidated.

It was like he had vanished, which was ridiculous. Criminal genius’s--- scratch that, after all the years aiding him in his endeavors, she’d concluded he was no real genius (a sad truth that she had oft times hinted at, but the man would not listen to her, ever) do not just drop off the face of the Earth.

Well, it looked like she was going to have to do something about it. She wasn’t sure what though. If Drakken wasn’t in jail, where was he? Kidnapped? Hurt? Stranded? It annoyed her to the fullest when she considered going to Kim Possible for help. But she resolved she would NEVER go that low!

As usual, it was going to be left completely up to her. She was used to that by now. She was the most competent one on Drakken’s staff and knew it. And she knew that Drakken knew it as well, not that he ever really acknowledged the fact. Actually, once he had the gall to blame all his failures on HER, just because Kim Possible managed to foul things up more often then she cared to contemplate. It wasn’t her fault. If it wasn’t for little Miss Princess, she could have single handedly made Drakken into the super criminal genius he already thought he was, the poor deluded soul. Just thinking about that caused her blood to boil. She grit her teeth against the righteous anger. Later. Right now what mattered was finding Drakken.

But how?

Her thoughts kept flicking back to Kim Possible. Some how, some way, she had a sneaking suspicion that the teenager was involved. Wasn’t she always? How was it, that at almost every turn, Miss Possible managed to be there? What was it about her that made her know things almost as fast as Drakken thought them up?

Shego frowned as she sipped her tea, deep in thought. Sure the kid seemed to be multitalented. But when it came to the most high tech of gizmos, it always seemed as if she was flying by the seat of her pants. So, how was it that she managed to--- well--- just about handle every situation she found herself in?

She sat up straight suddenly as the brainstorm hit her. It wasn’t Kim at all. It was that little device she was always talking into. The Kimmunicator she recalled was it’s name. Who was at the other end helping her? Whoever it was, they always seemed to know the impossible, always at the ready with ideas that would blow Drakken’s schemes into dust. But she had no idea where or even who it was behind the ideas. Drakken had impersonated the kid once to fool Kim, but that was as close as anyone she knew of had gotten to the minute genius.

Well, that had never stopped her from her duties before. If there was anyone in the position to help her, it was Kim’s friend. And if Kim WAS involved, then she’d have a bargaining piece for Drakken’s safe return. A smile played across her lips that wasn’t at all pleasant.

The slender young criminal strolled over to Drakken’s computer and accessed the files. A careless gesture of a hand flipped a stray lock back behind her shoulder. Her attention was focused more on the files then anything else. Dark green eyes stared at the screen as she called up all the information on Kim Possible she could find. Finding the school and the rest of her typical schedule was easy. Drakken never had to actually find any of this stuff out due to surveillance, after so much time, so much contact, it was really no brainer stuff.

Satisfied, Shego wandered deep into Drakken’s lair, which also was home to the both of them. It was late. She didn’t feel like sneaking into the Possible’s house just then. Tomorrow, then. Let Kim beware!

When the next day arrived, Shego felt rested and ready. Well, time to go and take care of the first part of her plan. It was simple, really. Depressingly so. She had gotten used to the tussles that occurred every time she got near the annoying teenager.

This time, she doubted she’d come in contact with Kim at all. The plan was to steal the Kimmunicator while Kim was at swim practice. It would be one of the very few times during the day that the girl would not have the device actually on her person. It would be almost too easy. Oh well.

Shego took one of Drakken’s more understated vehicles, of which were considerable few, and made her way to the school. It felt better now that she was actually doing something about Drakken’s disappearance. The longer she let her mind linger on it, the more worried she would feel. What if after all her effort, she was wrong? What if she never found him? What would she do then? White teeth bit into her bottom lip. Could she actually bring herself to seek employment with some other criminal organization? Why did the very idea gall her? She was sure that there were other criminals out there who were more successful then her boss. She was sure there were other potential bosses out there who could afford to pay her more and treat her better, maybe even respect her. But she wouldn’t go to them. At least, not yet. It was almost a matter of honor for her to try to find her boss first. Granted, he wasn’t the best criminal mind out there, but he was the first she’d ever worked for and she always felt a strange devotion to him that she sometimes felt he didn’t quite deserve.

Part of her entertained the idea of hitting him up for a raise if she did manage to bring him back. Okay, so maybe she wouldn’t bring it up after the first hour of rescue. She wasn’t completely heartless. After all, hadn’t she been against stealing a kid’s wheelchair way back when?

She shook her head. She hated that. Hated that Drakken made her worry over him. He was a scoundrel, a scheming, lying bastard that she beat up on more then one occasion. And still--- the worry was there. If Kim had an actual hand in her bosses disappearance, she’d make Kim hurt. Of that she was sure. She didn’t like having her emotions get in the way of her leisure time.

Once parked, Shego made her way up the walk and into the school. She knew she arrived at a time when everyone was in class so she could go through the school unmolested. Back at the base, she had memorized the schools blue prints and so she knew exactly where the gymnasium was located.

Through a pair of swinging doors, Shego stepped into the gym like she owned the place. She glanced around and smirked. So, this was where Kim did her little cheerleading thang. The woman in green snorted in disdain, unimpressed. She moved off towards the girls showers and locker room, betting that the device would be somewhere in one of the lockers.

She snuck in, carefully pressing up against the wall, looking about, listening hard to see if she was really alone in there. After a time, she managed to get the first locker open. The pretty young woman scrunched up her nose at the reek she found emanating from the open duffel. She refused to put her hands into that. So instead, she just lifted the duffel and tipped it carefully from one side to the other, testing it for any lose weight that might be inside. Surely even Kim could never own something that smelled THAT bad!

Luckily, she determined that it was not Kim’s and went on to the next one, and the next, and the next. She had gone through a whole side of lockers with no Kimmunicator in sight. Shego was starting to feel irritated. She knew she had a little bit of time left, but not really enough to thoroughly inspect every locker that was left. And who knew when and if---


The criminal whirled around, her claws igniting with her special ability at the sound of a voice she recognized. She crouched automatically in a fighting stance.

“Kim Possible.” Shego did not hide the contempt in her voice.

Kim scowled. “A little late for you to be going after you GED, eh, Shego?”

Shego ignored the obvious jibe, “I was due for a good fight!”

“Time to earn your minimum wage?” Kim quipped, enjoying the look of anger that remark won.

“At least I can drive!”

“So could Stuart Little.”

“Shut up!” Shego shouted and lunged, her right hand drawn back ready to strike down her foe.

Kim was still in her swimsuit. She took her goggles off and held the nose band up against her forefinger and with her other hand, stretched back the elastic of the headband as far as it could go without breaking. She released them and the miserable weapon flew forward, but Shego was quick and used her right hand strike to bat the projectile away.

Kim rolled out of Shego’s way. Shego whipped herself around to face the athletic teen.

“What are you doing here?” Kim wanted to know, all kidding aside.

“I think I’ll take the fifth.” Shego would give Kim nothing.

The redhead shook her head, “Why am I not surprised? By the way, I notice you’re going solo now.”

Shego growled in frustration at that painful observation. Was Kim baiting her on that one? How much did the infuriating brat know about it?

“What’s it to you?” Shego finally managed after taking a few glowing swipes at Kim.

Kim had ducked both attacks and leapt up on top of the locker nearest to her. “Ever consider that it could just be time to move on?”

Shego’s violent negatory was pretty much what Kim expected. Criminals almost never went straight without a little push. Okay, make that a big push. She sighed. Maybe the chip really WAS Drakken’s only hope of quitting the business. She wondered that if Shego was captured, would she get the implant as well?

“Really, Shego. Give it a rest already. We fight, I win, you go to jail, so been there and done that.”

But Shego would have none of it, “I’m on a mission and I will NOT fail!”

“Yadda, yadda, yadda.” Kim sighed. Why were all criminals so stubborn?

Shego continued to fight with renewed vigor. With Kim there egging her on, it wasn’t hard not to let her rage carry her through the battle. There was no way she could just ask Kim if she knew what happened to Drakken. That was tantamount to asking the brat for help.

At the beginning of the battle, Shego had taken notice that there was no way Kim could be carrying the Kimmunicator on her person. She was in a two piece that didn’t hide much. Shego grinned, coming up with another idea.

“Want me?” She taunted, “Come and get me!”

The woman in green leapt away towards the doors.

“Running scared, Shego?” Kim cajoled, as she gave chase.

“HA!” Shego hurtled over some permanent benches and blew through the other pair of swinging doors.

Kim was right after her back and went through the doors. Shego was there on the other side, waiting for her.

“AAAH!” Kim cried out as she was suddenly grabbed and spun around wildly. She found herself slamming through another pair of swinging doors. Equilibrium lost, she landed hard on her butt on the tile. That had hurt!

Where was she? She didn’t have time to contemplate that since the doors swung wide open and into the room filed a gaggle of guys. Kim was sprawled very unladylike in the middle of the floor of the men’s locker room in just her swim suite. Her cheeks acquired a shade of red almost darker then her hair. Just great!

Quietly gloating, Shego scurried to the poolside where several more duffel bags had been tossed carelessly against the wall. She rifled through them all. The last one had proved to be Kim’s and she grinned in earnest as she found the all important Kimmunicator! Victorious, she dashed out of the school and mentally set up the next stage in her plan to find her missing boss Dr. Drakken.

To be continued---

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