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Love Sickness

Part I

A Kim Possible Fanfic

By Brenna “Snakelady” Dawkins


Rating: PG13
Warnings: Drakken/Kim Possible
Spoilers: None
Summary: Drakken in love with Kim?  And Kim used to think she had it rough before!  The microchip rehabilitation doesn’t seem to go as planned.
Date Of Completion: Nov 14, 2004 
Date Of Posting: Feb 15, 2010
Disclaimer: Kim Possible and all subsequent characters are owned and copyrighted by Disney Studios.  I have made no money off of this or any of my other fanfics… pity!

Word Count: 1373
Feedback welcome and appreciated.


*          *          *          *          *



In between classes, Kim paused in mid-step to answer Wade’s in coming call.  “Hey, Wade, what’s the sitch?  Can we keep it short?  I got debate in just a few.”


“Sure thing, Kim.”  Said the youth. 


            Kim had to wonder if Wade had ANY other hobbies but seriously doubted it.  The boy was an information junky.


            “Just thought you might be pleased to know they caught Drakken.  They’re taking him in for evaluation now.”


            That took Kim by surprise.  Even on her best days Drakken usually managed to slip away.  “You’re kidding.  Evaluate what?  He’s a baddie!”


            Wade shrugged his heavyset shoulders, “It’s that new rehabilitation program.  You know, trying to make criminals acceptable to reenter society--- eventually.”


            Kim’s brows furrowed, “He’s not going to jail?”  That just didn’t sit well with her at all.  “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!”


            “From what I hear, he’ll be on parole.”


            The second bell rang.  “I’m going to be late, Wade.  Listen, I’ll get back to you, ‘kay?”


            “’Kay, later.”


            Kim hoofed it to her class.


            After school, she beat it over to the government complex that was almost like a second home to her.  Ron was in tow with Rufus tucked in his jacket pocket. 


            “But, Drakken’s been captured before.”  Ron replied cautiously.


            “And has always managed to escape and junk.”  Kim reminded him.  “I don’t like this ‘out on parole’ business.  What are they thinking?”


            “Yeah, but THEY are in charge.  We’re just clean up crew.  We don’t get a say in how the system works.”  He paused, glancing at Rufus.  “Um, do we?”


            Rufus shrugged and chirped, “Dunno.”


            Once in the compound they marched up to a group of adults.  They were discussing something amongst themselves in a circle and Kim cleared her throat in order to be noticed.


            “Oh, hi, Miss Possible.”  One of the scientists greeted her. 


            Through the now parted crowd, Kim saw what the conversation piece had been.  The corners of her mouth turned down in a frown.  There, strapped to a chair sagged an unconscious man.  Blue, scarred, and unaware of his surroundings, which was probably just as well.  She was sure once he woke, Drakken would be hurling forth insults and threats among many other things.


            “So, why isn’t he behind bars?”  Kim wanted to know as she gestured towards her arch foe.


            “Criminal reform, Possible.  It’s the wave of the future.  Jails are just not cost effective.  Crowded, dangerous.  They don’t produce anything productive.”


            “License plates!”  Ron cut in eagerly.


            “Still pennies on the dollar for what it costs to care for just one inmate.”


            “So we just let them run around?  Why bother having police then?”  Kim said miffed.


            The scientist shook his head as the others continued talking amongst themselves and comparing the notes on their clipboards.  “Not exactly what we had in mind.”  He held up something that looked like a microchip.


            Kim balked, recalling her escapade with one of those infernal things controlling her.  “You can’t be serious.”


            “It’s a reform chip.  We program out all negative responses and bingo!”


            “In with the good air and out with the bad?”  Ron said helpfully.


            “Well,” the scientist mulled that over, “I suppose it’s close enough.”


            “For government work.”  Kim said under her breath unhappily.


            “We tested it on naturally aggressive animals.”  The scientist went on and had Kim and Ron follow until they arrived at a cage where a lion was cringing in the corner as a tiny lamb grazed on a bale of hay oblivious to what should have been a dangerous situation.


            In the next cage a kitten was trying in vain to groom a docile crocodile.


            “Okay, I get your point.  So it works on animals.  Dr. Drakken isn’t an animal, he’s a mad scientist, heavy on the mad.”  Kim said with arms crossed turning her back on the cages and her attention back to the scientist.  “I still don’t know if this is such a hot idea.”


            “He just got out of surgery.  We attached it to his brain stem.  Now we’re just waiting.”


            “What if it doesn’t work?”  Kim wanted to know uneasily.


            The scientist was quiet for a moment, “If the chip is defective, it will fry his brain.”


            Ron shivered in revulsion.  Kim liked this idea less and less.  “He may be a villain, but he’s still a human--- well, sorta.”  She’d never really known any other blue human in all her travels.  “Don’t you think this borders on the unethical?  It wouldn’t be right, no matter how crummy he is.”


            “It’s a calculated risk.”  The scientist admitted, not liking modern morality being thrown in the works to mess with the experiment.


            “But one you’re willing to take with him?”  Kim sighed.  Scientists!  Mad or otherwise, they thought they had license to control life.  It just wasn’t right.


            The scientist shrugged.  “We’ll find out as soon as he wakes up.”


            “There wont be a big mess or anything, will there?”  Ron asked fearfully.


            “A little snap, crackle, and pop, but that’s it--- and only if it doesn’t work.” 


            “Somehow that doesn’t sound as reassuring as I’m sure you meant it to.”  Kim said.


            The blue man moaned in his chair.  Kim had a weird flashback of that Dr. Frankenstein film festival Ron had gotten her to watch with him last Halloween.  Dr. Drakken had the scars and funky skin color--- all he needed were a few neck bolts and he’d make the perfect monster.  They walked back over to where the others eagerly awaited to see the results of their labors.


            “Dr. Drakken.  Dr. Drakken, can you hear me?”  Another one of the scientists asked the strange man.


            Drakken groaned and with eyes still closed muttered almost incoherently, “Yeah.”


            “What’s your profession?”


            “I’m a scientist.”  Drakken’s head nodded forward and his eyes slowly opened with obvious effort.


            “An evil scientist?”


            You could see the confusion as plain as day on the blue face, “Me?  Don’t be absurd!  I’m not evil.”


            Well, no snap, crackle, or pop, Kim thought with relief.  She wasn’t sure how she’d feel if she had to witness the demise of someone she knew rather well.  Even if she couldn’t stand that person.


            “What’s your favorite color?”  Ron piped in.


            Drakken’s head fell back against the chair groggily like it was the heaviest thing in the world, “Pink.”


            “What’s your top score on Demon Slasher?” 


            “RON!”  Kim hissed.


            “Demon Slasher?”  Drakken sounded horrified, “That game is much too violent!”


            “Sounds reformed to me!”  Ron said satisfied.


            “Sounds creepy to me.”  Kim muttered.


            Drakken tried to sit up, but the restraints stopped him.  But his face stayed pleasant and relaxed, not the usual expression he wore, Kim noted.


            “You want me to stay in this chair?  Okay.  It’s nice and comfy anyway.”  Drakken said calmly and settled back into the chair.


            “Did he just say comfy?”  Ron said wonderingly.  “Doesn’t sound very mad scientist-y to me!”


            One of the scientists crowded in and checked his physical readings.  “All in the green.  Look like he’s passed the first hurdle of the reform.”


            Kim snorted, “I didn’t realize that surviving was considered a major hurdle.”


            “If this system works, Miss Possible, think of all the good it will do!”  The scientist that had talked to them first said eagerly.  “Okay, remove his restraints.”


            Nervous, Kim prepared to fight her arch foe just in case.


            Once released, Dr. Drakken slid off the chair and stood, looking about him pleasantly.  “Hello.”  Kim relaxed her fighting stance a bit.


            “Um, howdy.”  Ron rose a hand up in greeting uncertainly.


            “Do I know you?”  Drakken peered closely at Ron, clearly confused.


            “Um, yeah, hello-o-o-o, arch nemesis, you only have tried to blast me, smash me, slash me only like about a HUNDRED TIMES!”  Ron said irritated.


            Dr. Drakken had the grace to look grief stricken, “I did?  But I don’t do those sorts of things--- do I?”  He frowned.


            Kim approached him, “You remember me though, right?”


            Dr. Drakken looked her up and down then shook his head, “Believe me, I wish I did.”


            “Er, um, okay.”  Kim stepped back.  “Creepiness factor not dissipating at all.” 


            “So, macramé anyone?”  Drakken asked hopefully.


            Kim’s brows furrowed, “At all.”


To be continued---








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